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Ep 6- Bringing You the Latest in Innovation- Jon Patullo

In this episode, David Armstrong Editor in Chief of Wealthmangement.com, talks with Jon Patullo, from TD Ameritrade, who won a 2019 Wealthies award for Chief Technology Officer of the Year (Custodians est $25B and over). They go in-depth about the technological innovations that TD Ameritrade has implemented for its over 7000 advisors utilizing 175 different integrations under the umbrella of their VEO One platform.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How did TD Ameritrade revolutionize tech for advisors
  • What are advisors looking from technology
  • What does the desktop of the future look like for advisors
  • How companies use AI today and where it is going
  • And more!

Tune in now and know that at TD Ameritrade, there are 175 technology teams bringing innovation to their advisors.

Resources:  WealthManagement.com | TD Ameritrade | WealthManagement.com Industry Awards