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Wealthies Circle Podcast: Bringing the Sexy Back to the Back Office

One of the most talked about advisor technology innovations lately is in workflow automation so that advisors can finally begin to scale for wealth management. The key to success in this approach is all about data management and integrated applications. 

Learn from these experts on how you can streamline your infrastructure for fast growth with the latest enhancements in workflow technology.

Our Panelists:

  • David Everson, Sr. Director of Solutions Marketing, Laserfiche
  • Marc Butler, COO, Skience
  • Anton Honikman, CEO, MyVest

Wealthies Circle Podcast: AI Use Cases in Wealth Management

The potential for leveraging artificial intelligence in wealth management has been discussed and debated for years. Is it really just artificial and not intelligent? Or are there real use cases for deploying this advanced and still emerging technology to better work with clients and gain operational leverage? 

Join our esteemed group of experts building out these AI applications as they discuss how you can run a better business, delight clients and streamline your operations.

Our Panelists:

Wealthies Circle Podcast: Making Sense of Digital Assets in Portfolios

The wild swings in the crypto markets make headlines daily, causing many advisors to fear this emerging asset class when working with clients. Yet there is strong demand from them to gain exposure to the upside potential that digital assets can potentially deliver. 

Ben Cruikshank, president of Flourish Financial, discusses this trend—how many advisors “do not know what their clients have going on” with crypto, which means it’s harder to give holistic advice. Listen in to learn more about how you can gain a solid understanding of crypto, what Flourish does to assist advisors and how to leverage digital assets in client portfolios.

Wealthies Circle Podcast: Best-in-Breed or All in One? The Advisor Tech Stack of the Future

The pendulum continues to swing back and forth for the optimal way to create an efficient tech stack: All-in-one vs. best-in-breed. Both approaches involve tradeoffs in terms of features and functionality in exchange for efficiencies and a unified experience. 

But can advisors obtain the best of both worlds? Listen to our panel of technology experts on the latest developments in integrated technology and optimal ways to streamline your front and back office.

Our Panelists:

Wealthies Circle Podcast: Harnessing the Power of Digital to Engage and Serve Clients

The pandemic caused an accelerator effect across the industry especially as it relates to digital marketing. New players are joining the digital wealth management ecosystem from every direction. From purely digital onboarding to personalized pre-emptive ESG recommendations to automated creation of highly personalized client videos full of portfolio data, financial plan progress and goal achievement—client engagement has moved light years ahead of where it was just a few years ago. The result? Efficiency for the advisor; experience and ease-of-use for the client.

Listen in as our panelists discuss how their own firms and the fastest growing advisors they work with are leveraging technology to successfully engage with clients.

Our Panelists:

Wealthies Circle Podcast: Top Strategies to Accelerate Growth in 2023

Despite excellent top-line revenues across the wealth management space these past few years, without the tailwinds of market gains, the truth is many advisory firms are not growing at the rates they previously were. This has left many firms looking for new ways to turbo-charge their marketing strategies to regain momentum.

Listen in as Brian Nelson, managing director at Atria Wealth Solutions, reveals the top methods and approaches successful advisors are using to accelerate growth: tapping into new markets, leveraging modern digital strategies, pursuing advisor recruiting and deploying the latest marketing automation technologies.

Wealthies Circle Podcast: A Fiduciary’s Guide to Offering Insurance Services

There’s a debate around fee-only RIAs who offer insurance and annuities in addition to planning and asset management: Can advisors working on behalf of an insurance company still be considered a true fiduciary? Then again in cases where planning reveals a need for insurance, isn’t it in the client’s best interest to provide them with a holistic approach and solutions that meet their broader financial goals?

Listen in as our panel of industry experts examines the issues—and explores when and why it may make the most sense for financial planners to include advice and insurance services like life disability annuities and property and casualty in their menu of client services.

Our Panelists: